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"We appreciate all your hard work and progress that our son has made. You're willingness to work with us shows how dedicated you are to Our son and your work with him and others. We really do recognize and appreciate you for that."

"When I see what Luke is able to do on his own.....just function like a normal teenager, I am thankful for the work you did with him early on.  He's scared, excited, and worried about beginning college, but so are we and I think that's normal.
He's turned out to be a really good kid.  He still hates surprises, even good ones, but he's optimistic about starting a new part of his life and we are very proud and happy for him."


"Mary Johns is an outstanding occupational therapist!! She has served as our son's OT for several years. During this period, our son has made noteworthy and measurable progress. In addition, Mary is considerate, dedicated and the consummate professional. She also enjoys a great reputation throughout the State of Maryland."


"Mary Johns is truly an angel in disguise. I don't know where my son would be were it not for her careful attention to his occupational therapy needs from the time he was just under three until he was ten years old. While he isn't "cured," I shudder to think where we would be now had we not had Mary designing his occupational therapy goals and creating a plan to meet them."


"Mary is truly amazing. She genuinely cares for the well being of her clients and their families. Mary opens up her heart and her practice to her kids and has made a true impact in my son's life. We would recommend Mary and her practice for occupational therapy, social skills, and camp!"


"Mary is an amazing Occupational Therapist. Our son has made vast improvements in fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing, social skills (with both peers as well as adults) and has dramatically increased his tolerance and enjoyment of various foods.  Mary actively consults with our home program staff and provides the individualized and integrative therapy techniques, specific behavioral management strategies and positive reinforcement systems that have helped our son accomplish more than we'd ever dared to hope.  She has our highest recommendations and our deepest gratitude."


"Our son David has benefited greatly from Mary's work with him -- in individual sessions, OT/social skills group and camp. She has taught him to tie his shoelaces and ride a two-wheel bicycle, and has greatly improved his handwriting. Her expertise in sensory integration has been extremely helpful. Mary maintains excellent communication with us as parents, and individualizes her work with David in accordance with his specific needs and our priority concerns.  She has a wonderful way with children, which makes them feel loved and supported all the while she is pushing them very hard to progress and achieve their full potential."


"Our daughter has sensory processing issues and significant motor planning issues and has been going to private OT with 'Ms Mary' for over 8 years. Mary has helped her gain multiple skills and is helping her make progress towards independence in many self-help skills. We highly recommend her OT services."


"I have truly enjoyed our experience in working with Mary Johns. She helped my son in so many ways. But by far the most notable happened when my son (who has Autism) was entering kindergarten at 5 years old. He had no ability to talk let alone write his name. The school system told us that, once in kindergarten, he would be expected to make his mark on his school work even if that was an "X". My already broken heart reached a new low. I turned to Mary Johns who had been working with my son on sensory issues. I asked her if my son came 2 times a week, during the summer, could she teach him to write his name. She assured me that she could make that happen. Within a few weeks my son was writing his name and soon was able to write other words. This ability to write turned out to be a God send because, we soon discovered that our son had a unique ability to spell and with this ability to write he now had a way to communicate!! I highly recommend Mary she is GREAT!!"


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